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The Basic Stuff Stuff to Know More Stuff
The community:
What we are about?
Watching Supernatural together!
Finding more fans to actively fangirl the show together.

How does that work? Easy!

We hook up either on MSN or Microsoft chat at a set time and date, we all start the show at the same time and have a droolfest while watching.

Doesn’t work? Oh it does!
No doubt about that. We’ve been doing this for a while.

The Sessions:
There will usually be at least one session on Thursday nights for all the US-American viewers, and then another one on Friday nights for the non-US people. Whoever hosts the session, will set the time. We’ll then post the logs of the sessions and get to discussing the episode on the community.
Anyone can join. Click here and we’ll add you to the community asap.
Let us know how and where you found us here. We’re just nosy that way, you know?

The Rules:
Spiffy art work makes Sammy squeal, so anything can be posted on here as long as it’s SPN related (picspam, icons, banners, layouts, wallpapers, fanfiction.). If you post anything that is not PG-13 material make that known and cross post it here with a fake cut linking to your journal.

Illegal downloads make Dean not happy, so don’t link them!

Sessions are started / initiated by the mods. Wanna be one? Post here.
Session Mods

Supernatural: Seek the Truth
Midnight Shadows

We do worship Kripke. And then we worship Singer. They made and produce SPN! We love them!

The CW. Course we ... like ... have to? No no, we really do.

Supernatural: Seek the Truth. The board rocks, the people rock. We love that place!

Layout and header made by chrissieness and based on one by ofthesea. The amazing Mood theme was made by causette

The Devil's Trap in the community header was composed out of two images we found on Deviant Art. It's this pentacle and this technical drawing.
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide

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