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09 October 2008 @ 12:01 am
OMG - great episode- warning spoiler link not working don't read if you havent seen show  
Haven't yet participated in an MSN session since i just joined this but have to say looking forward to it. Been a fan of this show from the start and have to say this last episode put all the pieces together it was so worth it. Loved Mary she definitely kicked a-- and it explained so much stuff.

I did like that it was more informational cause if really there had been a way to change the past so much of the show would have lost meaning. Have to say this episode definitely put the show back on the map. for a short while i was afraid it was turning into a touched by an Angel show with all the yucky goodness :) Also nice connection maybe even giving a bit more explanation to the story behind Sam.
I am: excitedexcited