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03 October 2008 @ 09:28 pm
Review 4x03  
Spoilers ahead and let me just give you the tasters of my view of this ep.


My views below

So lets breakdown a bunch of the theories shall we? BULLET POINTS!

- Mary did a deal, instead of her soul she agreed to permission for YED to come to her in 10 years time though she didn't know what for.
- YED killed Mary's parents
- Mary and her family were hunters
- Dean talked John into getting the Impala
- Dean and Sam are named after their grandparents Samuel and Deanna

The review: OMFG this. episode. was. awesome!

The going back in time for these events seemed rather random and extreme which is true but the fact its filled in a big hole fans have been quarreling over for years just makes us forget bout the random plot hole here.


John - erm crappy TBH. hes no JDM so cutting him some slack, but this guy just seemed bland and dull. (compare this guy to JDM, its exactly 10 years after this episode that the pilot takes place. John didn't age too well)
Deanna - We didn't see much of her but I loved her regardless. girl powah

It seems YED played match maker, he sought out perfect couples and then made deals, YED played dirty with Mary by killing John.

The Winchester Deal List

Mary for John - Cost: Sam & 10 years given
John for Dean - Cost soul, the colt & instant death
Dean for Sam - Cost soul & 1 year given

The Winchesters are kinda F*CKED if you ask me when it comes to the souls.

Now lets rewind to Home season 1. Shall we? Mary apologizes to Sam was it simply for making this deal (even though if she didn't he wouldn't have been born) unless ts simply for being negligent of the deal's cost.

Now CASTIEL the holier than thou accountant of god. Castiel and John are kind of on the same grounds here, the 'save him or (we'll) kill him' fact came up, so its rather obvious Castiel and John knew that Sam is a big part in this Lucifer business. 

Also! Since Castiel sent Dean back in time and lo-jacked Sam & Ruby as well as all of the other stuff. Makes me think he is an angel, but I also seem to think Dean probably won't do as Castiel suggests.

My brain is dead more later, but seriously. Best Episode Ever

Chrissie you'll die when you found out you missed this :P
I am: touchedtouched
lil_smurfy_onelil_smurfy_one on October 4th, 2008 09:41 pm (UTC)
I agree on the whole. This episode was amazing. I loved how dense Dean was about things. Jensen plays the whole beat then get it perfectly.

John was ad casting but he was barely in the episode so at least he didnt detract to much.

More than anything I love Mary and her parents. I wanted them to live. I wanted Grandpa to be off somewhere in a mental institute and the boys go rescue him. It might be that I luv the actor. But Dean so seemed like his grandpa. And Grandpa would be proud.

I however am not loving the whole God Angel thing. Kripke once said in an interview (it might have been in like S1 time frame) that he liked the hunters to being angels on earth. Its probabaly one of the things that made me love this show. Know I realize that was 4 years ago when they were not even sure they would get a season 2 but meh. I really dont like Angels. Therefore I have decided that the Angels are not God sent but hell sent. It wouldnt shock me if it were not the doing of Lilith. Or it could be that I am just stubborn since this is based on my imagination. Since yeah the evidence is supporting it. meh

Overall THIS EPISODE IS AMAZING. and thats all.
Nate: Piggyback!curious_vm on October 4th, 2008 09:51 pm (UTC)
"Dean look a demon!" *waits five minuets..." Dean: WHAT?! = SLOW!
Lofe's Mary! Bonus points 'cause she's blond too =P

*Thanks Kripke for wrapping up the Mary storyline* 'Cause that didn't rack my brain thought most of S3 [/sarcasm]

Deanna + spinning in mid air = complete utter lofe!
Samuel + awesome acting = lofe!
Whole episode - Ruby = LOOOFE!

She who shall not be named: Dean - Heat of the Momentchrissieness on October 6th, 2008 08:54 pm (UTC)
Well I wouldn't say best episode ever :-p (What is and what never should be still holds that title!) ... but overall I agree. xD