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28 September 2008 @ 01:07 am
Review 4x02  
I wish! HA! Anyway, my thoughts on 4x02 are behind the cut ...

S4 flashbacks FTW! Honestly! The songs rock, the composition rocks! Great stuff. They did step up their game, IMHO.

YAY for Meg, Ronald and Hendriksen being back! Meg was utter LOFE! She put soul into this episode, tying it in with things as far back as possible!

That hunter chick at the start? The way she had the bags of salt just sitting around in her living room? LOFE! THAT GUN SHE USED? Saora Fulford shotgun! Makes me squee every time (for non TS-players: Saora Fulford is a gunner, and her shotgun would look pretty much like that one. Just that Say doesn't use it to defend herself? She uses it to kill people :D)

Hunters filleted. Hot on this week's menu! They even had a variety. MUAHAHAHA.

Bobby and the panic room? LOFE! UTTER AND COMPLETE LOFE! "I had a weekend off" ... Dean being totally giddy about it? YES! AWESOME! Geeky Bobby FTW!

Dean thinking he's a regular guy? Huggable! But if there is anything Dean is not? It's a regular guy.

Onto the angel thing. We've spent the last two nights watching SPN together (shout out to ellehwho , jaymes_f , rachelish , ruskiebiz  and curious_vm !) and discussing HEAPS! So yeah I love the show! I LOVE the angle. But I love it cuz it makes my brain work! I don't think we know half of what's possible yet. Hence why I keep low on what I believe WILL happen and keep ragin on about what probably won't happen. So yeah, despite me sounding nagging? I would like to say that I DO HEART THIS SEASON ... it's like Matrix in a 45-minutes-a-week format. Muahaha.

Anyway. I've been collecting ideas, and thoughts. Credit goes out to the aforementioned people cuz we've discussed these in our MSN session and I wouldn't wanna steal ideas!
  1. Ruby and Castiel are puppet masters stringing Sam and Dean along for their ulterior motives.
  2. Castiel and Lilith do not work together.
  3. Ruby and Lilith do not work together.
  4. Maybe Castiel and Lilith do work for the same big boss. Both doing different angles for the same goal.
  5. Castiel really isn't an angel. He's a big cahuna himself pretending to be an angel.
  6. Sam is a vessel for Lucifer. This one extends to the weird idea of Dean being one for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (of whoever).
  7. Castiel is really Nyalarthotep (*credits analogheretic *) or some other big god-like dude.
  8. Castiel only comes to Dean because Sam could see right through whatever the facade is hiding. (this extends to covering for Bobby. He was put down not because he could have seen through Castiel but purely because he wasn't needed in the scene)
  9. Kripke has this all figured out and will blow us away with it (ok now, that's a given!)
  10. Mary will play a part in it, same as Sam's infant encounters with Azazel.
  11. Mary ... like the Virgin Mary. John ... like The Revelation of John? Is this coincidence? Or were we led here all along?
  12. We're in for seeing Sam and Dean on opposite sites. That's pretty much a given as far as the gang's concerned.
  13. There is the potential all of this is a hoax. Castiel is almost unresearchable (or one hell of a spelling error I don't think Kripke would do), we've not yet unearthed anything resembling "The Rise Of the Witnesses" (and no, the Two Witnesses in Revelations don't fit). Also did anyone notice how despite the referring to Revelations Bobby was looking at occult books? Onto 66 seals. The bible talks of 7 seals, not 66... and Castiel referring to 6 of his brothers being killed (with him that makes 7, archangels anyone?) is just TOO obvious for the mysterious ways in which Kripke works.
  14. The burn mark on Dean's shoulder is supposed to push us further into the Angel direction. Castiel burned the seers eyes. His touch would burn too, voila, thingy on Dean's shoulder. Researched the "mark of the beast", doesn't fit at all.
  15. Ruby is rogue. No one any longer calls dibs on her soul. She's not bound to Lilith but she's shit scared of the idea of Castiel. She might just play a darn good game. But it seems her plan to buy her way out of hell is in shards. She knows she'll get offed no matter what she's done simply because she is a demon. That either makes Castiel a very black-and-white angel (and we know nothing is black and white on this show) or him the real deal (yeah it ain't easy to say this :-p)
  16. Back to the idea of Sam being Lucifer's vessel. Why would Ruby do it? Is she THAT big a schemer? She was ready to kill herself for the boys. Lilith would need Sam as the vessel. But Lilith tried to kill Sam in the S3 finale. Why would Lilith do that if her and Ruby were working together. Because ultimately Lilith would need Sam as the vessel if Ruby was prepping him.
  17. Castiel is a do or die kind of guy. So either we're out to see angels be as bad as demons, or this guy is playing one hell of a game. (Personally I like both ideas)
  18. Lucifer doesn't need a body. Him walking free is enough to destroy the earth! So what role does Sam play?
  19. No demon was selling on Sam. Sam said he tried to make a deal but no demon would make a deal to let Dean go out of hell. So this can mean Lilith is very powerful (she was said to own the deal on him). And I believe that's true. But it also says something about the fact that Dean needed to stay in hell for whatever reason. Whether it is to be freed by Castiel? Whether that was part of the big plan all along? Possibly. All it means is that they want dibs on Dean's soul and not on Sam's. Is it because Sam's soul's already owned? Or is because Dean is much more the puppet to tip the odds here? And being freed from hell is surely throwing him for a loop. (Which makes it easier to push Dean into a certain direction)
  20. Could Sam be the one to try take Lucifer down?
  21. This entire season will be about breaking the seals on Lucifer's door.
  22. The biblical angle might happen! Castiel is kind of riding on a wave of inspiration feuled by Constantine (as said by Kripke).
  23. Sam really is there to take Lucifer down. He can wipe Lilith off the map from afar ... and she's as high as they come. Stronger than Azazel (by Kripke's words). So is Ruby really the good guy preparing Sam to take down the biggest of all evils (reencarcerate him again) in order to buy her way out of hell?
Anyway, we're talking more as time passes. But I'll stop here. These ideas don't necessarily exclude each other. Some can go together, others dont. Personally, I just think we've not been told enough and we're in for one hell of a run this season. I LOFE that and I will probably post more later!

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