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06 October 2008 @ 10:58 pm
Did Angels get their hands on some DeLorians?  
Ok won't do a bit by bit review on this one, since I can't write those this long after watching the epi ... anyway. I have to say, the episode is utter love concerning the pieces of the stories it adds and concerning the questions it raises. But I do wonder what Jared Padelecki thought when he saw he'd have exactly 10 seconds screen time and one line :-p

Anyway ... have to say, I love the mind-blowing ideas this episode introduces. I won't argue whether this REALLY was the past? Or just giving Dean a shot at changing it. I prefer the former though because it sort of brings us FULL CIRCLE with S1 ... it connects the current story with everything this show is about, and it folds history back onto itself. What if Dean really was there? What if this wasn't just a dream ... but the real deal? Dean being the one to make John buy that car ... Dean being the reason Mary made that deal that started EVERYTHING?

This episodes in a way provides ground to assume that Kripke indeed had everything planned all this time. And you know what? I wouldn't put it past that magnificent bastard he is! The entire build up of the SPN lore just to show us that bringing the big guns into this was his plan all along. Maybe Kripke just connected the dots now (since originally I don't think revealing Mary's past had anything to do with Castiel, since that was gonna happen in S3) but the way he did it is still absolutely terrific.

Yes, I do stand by my thinking that Castiel is not who he says he is - OR that we haven't seen the entire story yet (which ... erm .. Duh :-p) but I like how the entire S4 seems to be worked into the foundations of the show now. And that is an effort I commend Kripke for!

I always thought Mary kicked some serious ass ... but to find out just HOW much ass she kicked? How she was the original hunter? Not John? GAWD! That's utter and complete LOFE! Also I think Mary actually made her dream come true. Until that night YED came to visit Sam, they WERE leading a normal life. She had gotten away from everything... an it kinda says how MUCH the Winchesters belong into the bigger picture. I mean, last week I was kinda worried the show'd lose focus but ... this aint Charmed after all and THANK GOD for that. This continues to be a show about a family caught up in something much bigger ... after 2 weeks of establishing the bigger picture, Kripke makes sure everyone knows that by giving us this episode.

Also, the girl they casted for Mary? SO EFFING SPOT ON! I agree that John's actor was dull compared to the ever worshipped JDM. But Mary made up for it. She could really be teen-Mary looks-wise (the hair, the eyes, the determination in her eyes? SPOT ON!). And Samuel? Funny how his son-in-law turned out just like him!

And on a side note? ... Dean Van Halen? ... LOFE!